The year was 1977 and Cleveland’s manufacturing base was solid and area businesses located
throughout the St. Clair / Superior neighborhood were in need of an experienced industrial clinic.

Dr. Preuss opened what became known as East Side Occupational Health Center.  The clinic provided a
place for pre-employment exams, OSHA exams, fit for duty exams, and equally as important, the clinic
provided a place to treat worker’s injuries.  It was then that East Side Occupational Health Center began
to provide an injury care philosophy that ultimately gave birth to the cornerstone of it’s future.  A medical
practice based on, “doing what is right, at all times for customers, patients, staff and community.”  The
rest as they say is history. . . . .

As the OccuCenters model of providing services continues to grow, the business community responds
by providing contract work, for regional transportation, municipalities, school districts, local hospitals
and corporate medical management for many N. E. Ohio businesses.

OccuCenters demonstrated quality, stability and trust to get the job done have made them the provider of
choice for area businesses.  In 2014, the OccuCenter’s journey continues to focus on building
relationships, through collaborative partnerships.  

As we look to the future our philosophy for providing service remains the same as in 1977, we want to
provide a quality service, that is cost effective and delivered in a timely manner.  “your goals become our
goals !”

OccuCenter’s, Inc continues to serve as the gateway for employers seeking solutions to their problems.  
Our basic business philosophy is results driven with a focus on excellence.  Our cadre of staff is
represented by individuals whose talent, experience and knowledge is centered around our customers.
OccuCenters, Inc.

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